Event in Åbo

Invitation to Event in Erasmus + Education for sustainability and resilience

Learning, teaching, and training event by Åbo Akademi University

Welcome to participate and be a part in the project that aims to address the challenges we face today regarding issues of sustainability. The challenges of how education can meet the new generations’ call for action.

When: 1-2 December 2021

Where: The program will be broadcast online. 

Target group: All educational professionals and all who are interested in the learning and teaching area (researchers, university students, teachers, head teachers). Estimated number of participants around 30-50 people of which 30 participants come from the project organizations

Event description:

The event will include a combination of lectures and workshops that focus on our different perceptions about core elements of sustainability and resilience. Researchers, and invited lecturer and the project group members will provide the content for the sessions, content that will be both practical and theoretical.

Tangible outcomes from the Event includes collected knowledge about challenges of sustainability and the development of a resilient society, educational shift regarding issues of sustainability, entrepreneurship and how to see the student as an active partner in the learning processes.

Preparation - reflection possibilities

Part one of the event was broadcast online 18 October. Educational and social futures, climate change leadership with  a focus on sustainability.
In order to prepare for the Event 1-2 December 2021 please use these suggestions of work. You can do the reflection by yourself or together with colleges in your organization. More information in the pdf below.

Learning teaching training C1 - Reflection tasks.pdf

Educational and social futures, climate change leadership. Anne-Kathrin Peters, Associate Professor in technology education, with a focus on sustainability, KTH

Eco-Anxiety and Environmental Education by Dr. Panu Pihkala. Questions from the group by Ann-Catherine Henriksson, Åbo Akademi.

On pain and participation, transformation and resilience in a living world by Pella Thiel, Omställningsnätverket.

Practical information:
The event is part of Erasmus + Programme. To participate online, only registration is necessary.

No fees are charged for participating in the event.

Part one of the event was broadcast online 18 October

Event 1-2 December (online) https://ivory-winter-acaa28.confetti.events/
Deadline for registration 18 th November 2021

Ann-Catherine Henriksson
e-mail: Ann-Catherine.Henriksson@abo.fi

For more information please look at these pdf files.

Please feel free to share all information!

Event Description LTT Abo

Akademi University.pdf

Invitation_LLTevent 2021.pdf

Participants, representing the partners in Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships for school education
Backatorpsskolan, Sweden. Eva Mars, Anna Johansson and two more teachers.
University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Margaretha Häggström
Østfold University College, Norway. Virginia Lockhart-Pedersen, Kristine Høeg Karlsen; Hanne Eik Pilskog and Camilla Blikstad Halstvedt.
Katarinaskolan, Finland. Krista Kaihovirta and one more teacher.
NAV Sweden. Johanna Gagner and Daniel Lundqvist
Osnovna šola Ob Rinži Kočevje, Slovenia. Katja Ilc Virant, Janja Murn and Mateja Vidrih
Storyline Sverige, Sweden. Ylva Lundin and Mait Adegård
Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Ann-Catherine Henriksson and colleagues.