Event in Kocevje

This learning, teaching, and training event takes place at the Primary school OS OB RINZI in Slovenia. The school has their own vegetable garden and fruit trees, used in the school kitchen. This alternative arena for teaching and learning will be highlighted at this three-day event.

The main goal of each teaching and learning event for this project is to highlight what is unique in the Storyline approach, and how this uniqueness will support teaching and learning about issues of sustainability. In Slovenia, the focus is alternative learning environments, ecological food production and consumption, and cooperation with the local community. The event will include a combination of lectures and out- and indoor workshops that focus on these items that support the innovative teaching and learning arenas needed to address the complexity of sustainable development and climate change. Primary school OS OB RINZI has been chosen as the venue for this event because they have experience with alternative learning approaches both inside and outside of the school classroom. Outdoor pedagogy, entrepreneurial learning, active learning, are used at Primary school OS OB RINZI, and we will at this Event explore how these can be effectively incorporated with the Storyline approach and used for sustainability.

Teachers at this school along with other members of the project group will provide the content for the lectures, content that will be both practical and theoretical. The goals for the event in Slovenia, 2022 are the following: To summarise and reflect on the outcomes from the Multiplier event earlier in 2022 in order to explore how the Storyline approach may facilitate learning and acting on issues of sustainability that engage the learners in various ways. To experience an alternative outdoor learning area that is used at school. To collaborate and discuss experiences with different learning environments used in the Storyline approach, focusing on food production and cooperation with the local community To identify and further develop alternative teaching and learning environments used in the approach to meet the demands of teaching resilience and agency for sustainability. To understand the reflection on the elements of cooperative learning as a framework for building working teams with local community members and as a framework for working internationally with the different participating partners.

To engage the participants in in-depth discussions about the role of the teachers in facilitating learning processes that encourage and empower students to use their capacity of action, to provide them with a sense of agency, and to recognise them as producers of their own knowledge allowing them to participate in democratic processes through Storyline projects. To discuss outcomes and empirical material from the project and make plans for the development of the resource bank. Storyline projects and cooperation with different participants in different countries.

Tangible outcomes from the Slovenian Event include practical information for schools who wish to work more with the local society, for schools interested in using their outdoor areas as a learning environment, and for teachers needing guidance in using cooperative learning in the Storyline approach. In addition, the event will culminate with discussion and reflections that will be made into an informational film. The discussions will also be empirical material for further use in the research of the Storyline approach. Finally, a plan for tasks the participating partners will be asked to follow until the final meeting.