Conference in Gothenburg

We are delighted to invite you to the 8th International Storyline Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden 2022. The theme for the conference is Sustainability and Resilience.
The conference is a Multiplier Event within the Erasmus+ project Education for resilience and sustainability. The participants in the conference are experienced teachers and educators from all over the world. They will be chosen to broaden the picture of how Storyline can be developed and used to be successful regarding learning for sustainable development. We will present an update of the findings from the project and get various views from the different participants in order to develop the project further.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for Early Registration 1st of December 2021

  • Deadline for booking of conference dinner 1st of December 2021

  • Deadline for registration 20th of February 2022

(Submission of abstracts is no longer possible.)

For more information please look at these four pdf files.

Please feel free to share all information!

Event Description.pdf

Programme - short version.pdf

Venue and conference hotel.pdf

Poster Storyline 2022.pdf


Conference fee including coffee, lunches and conference dinner if booked before 1st of December 2021, 170 Euro

Conference fee including coffee, lunches but without conference dinner if booked before 1st of December, 80 Euro

Conference dinner only, 90 Euro

Conference fee booked after 1st of December 2021, 160 Euro (In this late registration it´s not possible to book the conference dinner)

Step 1 - Make your choice and pay your fee in EURO to Backatorpsskolan in Gothenburg. 


Address: Båtsman Kapers g 5

Postcode: 422 57 Hisings Backa

Country: Sweden
Iban nr SE5850000000050598219803

The payment can be done via a moneytransfer at your bank.
If you need to give information about who you are sending the money to please use:Name: Eva Mars

Backatorpsskolan is Coordinator for Erasmus+. Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. Strategic Partnerships for school education
We try to minimize the cost for administation so we can keep the fee as low as possible.
If you really need an invoice or a receipt, please contact Backatorpsskolan Nathalie Hellmuth e-mail

Step 2 – fill in the form to complete your registation

Welcome to Gothenburg

The school management of Backatorpsskolan: Susanne Lundberg, Jenny Ekberg and Eva Marsh

Storyline involves students and can help them feel that school is meaningful, takes their worries seriously and engages them in creative problem solving to help them find solutions.

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Sustainability is about the ecological, social and economic challenges that humankind is facing. By resilience, we mean the ability to cope with crisis and sudden events and the ability to be happy and successful again after something negative has happened. Resilience can be applied on a number of different levels, the child, the school, the town, the municipality, the country and the world. The focus on the child can include health, relations, family, school and the wider community.

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Storyline Sweden, The University of Gothenburg, Backatorpsskolan and partners in Erasmus+ project welcome you to Gothenburg.
Our partners in the Strategic Partnerships for school education are: Østfold University College, Åbo Akademi University, NAV Sweden, Katarinaskolan, The Primary School OS Ob Rinzi, Storyline International