Conference in Gothenburg

We are delighted to invite you to the 8th International Storyline Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden 2022. The theme for the conference is sustainability and resilience. Children and young people are marching the streets because they are worried about climate change. We need to take the worries of the children seriously when it comes to climate change.

Storyline involves students and can help them feel that school is meaningful, takes their worries seriously and engages them in creative problem solving to help them find solutions.

Sustainability is about the ecological, social and economic challenges that humankind is facing. By resilience, we mean the ability to cope with crisis and sudden events and the ability to be happy and successful again after something negative has happened. Resilience can be applied on a number of different levels, the child, the school, the town, the municipality, the country and the world. The focus on the child can include health, relations, family, school and the wider community.

Storyline is a democratic, pedagogic approach that can make a difference. In a Storyline, students learn by creating a story together in partnership with their teachers. The story develops the context and by taking on the role of different characters, the students can easily become emotionally involved and interested in difficult and complex matters such as sustainable development. They can also discuss their worries and anxieties, in a safe environment, through their created characters. They also work together to support each other and try to find creative solutions.

This conference will be a place that provides the participants the opportunity to experience, discuss, and share common educational questions within an international community of researchers and practitioners from all over the world. The conference will be held at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Target group: Teachers, head teachers, all educational professionals and all who are interested in the Storyline Approach.
Important dates:

  • Submission of abstracts is no longer possible.
  • Notification of acceptance of abstracts 30h of September 2021
  • Registration Opens 1st of October 2021
  • Deadline for Early Registration 1st of December 2021
  • Deadline for booking of conference dinner 1st of December 2021
  • Deadline for registration 20th of February 2022

Map and information about venue and conference hotel.

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Early Registration

Conference fee including coffee, lunches and conference dinner if booked before 1st of December 2021 1725 SEK. 

Conference fee including coffee, lunches but without conference dinner if booked before 1st of December 825 SEK

Conference fee booked after 1st of December 2021 1500 SEK (In this late registration it´s not possible to book the conference dinner)

We have reserved rooms for conference guests at hotel Riverton which is situated close to the conference venue and where we also will have the conference dinner. Accommodation is not included in the fee and all participants must book their own room. For more information and booking code please look at Map and information. 

Short version of programme

25th march will be at Backatorpsskolan a school where all classes work with Storyline every year. Visitors will be welcomed to classrooms where teachers and students will present their work. Visitors will be served coffee and lunch. Only 50 persons will be admitted so the first that book will get this opportunity. 

In the afternoon registration will open at 5 pm at the Conference Venue at Gothenburg University. Opening of the conference by Sallie Harkness and Margaretha Häggström. Then mingle and an opportunity to meet other conference participants. 

26th of March Keynote speakers Arjen Walls and Carol Omand and a possibility to choose different workshops

27th of March: Keynote speakers Pella Thiel and Jeff Chreswell and a possibility to choose different workshops.

Read more about our key-note speakers here

Storyline Sweden, The University of Gothenburg, Backatorpsskolan and partners in Erasmus+ project welcome you to Gothenburg.
Our partners in the Strategic Partnerships for school education are: Østfold University College, Åbo Akademi University, NAV Sweden, Katarinaskolan, The Primary School OS Ob Rinzi, Storyline International 

The conference is a Multiplier Event within the Erasmus+ project

Education for resilience and sustainability. The participants in the conference are experienced teachers and educators from all over the world. They will be chosen to broaden the picture of how Storyline can be developed and used to be successful regarding learning for sustainable development. We will present an update of the findings from the project and get various views from the different participants in order to develop the project further.

Prior to the conference, the teachers in all participating countries included in the project, have worked with Storyline as a method for working with sustainable development and resilience. These experiences form a base for participating in the conference, and the teachers from the project will present their work at the conference. Through the opportunity of presenting their own practice, the teachers have to focus and reflect in a critical way on their own practice, which we consider as a crucial learning process for this project.

The goal with the conference is to provide practising teachers and scholars an opportunity to discuss their own teaching practice together with teachers and scholars from around the globe, in terms of both proven and best practice experiences, and current research. The participants’ own practice will be discussed and analysed during the conference discussions.

Based on these experiences, we will continue the project and analyse how to move forward in our respective countries to achieve the overall objectives of the project. Since the project include researchers from three different universities to study the outcome from Storyline work in schools, our intention is to spread and discuss the result of the studies with students, teachers and in the field of education research, as a way to produce new knowledge of teaching and learning processes.

The findings will also be discussed with experts on the Storyline method, and be published through video films, topic outlines and be shared on this website. We see the conference as an essential event to develop, discuss and spread the process, findings and results of the project. Therefore, we plan to gather interested participants from different countries, for a special conference event: Roundtable discussions and group interviews. Through this event we may challenge the common way of planning and conducting Storyline work in schools, in order to develop the Storyline approach as such, for example how to create Storyline outlines. We also want to emphasise the sustainability perspective here, and how to combine different views on education for sustainable development in schools.

This event may itself lead to new outputs, such as conference proceedings, both as texts and video recordings to share. The conference is Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March 2022. We also plan for school visits on Friday 25th. All keynote speakers and conference presentations will link to the theme for the conference, which is sustainability and resilience. Intellectual Outputs Covered The project will contribute to the Storyline community in various ways. We plan for reaching both the practitioners at schools and scholars at universities, and to build links between these two fields. In short, the outputs will be: - Research articles, presenting the findings from the research studies. - Academic presentations at the Storyline conference. - Video films, showing several teaching and learning approaches based on the Storyline approach, from schools included in the project.