Evaluation Tool

Real world problems are rarely confined by disciplinary boundaries. Typical of different sustainability issues is that they touch on several different areas of science. To get answers to the questions that issues of sustainability pose, a certain amount of knowledge and skills must be drawn from the different disciplines. These are often quite good to measure with traditional measuring tools. In addition to traditional instruments measuring knowledge and skills, teaching and learning about climate change /sustainability/ sustainable development, also requires a change in values, opinions, and feeling, changes which are much more difficult to measure in students and adults. These aspects cannot be measured by traditional quantitative test methods.

All national curricula within the project describe various forms of interdisciplinary learning under terms such as phenomenon-based learning, subjectintegrated learning and project learning. Teachers in the participating countries are looking for concrete tools for how objectives that affect values and different competences can be followed up, communicated and measured. The challenges are great, especially for subject teachers who are accustomed to being able to focus on one field of science.

Within the project, we will strive to develop and pilot a measurement tool with which one could demonstrate changed action readiness, social skills and changed values. Since the project includes several different subject-related themes in the form of different Storyline projects, we have several opportunities to test, evaluate and gradually develop the measuring tool so that it can be adapted and applied in accordance with different curricula, for students and students of different ages and at term is also used in teacher education and training.

This part of the project is lead by Åbo Akademi.