Evaluation and planning tool 

During the work with GreenComp withing the Erasmus+ project we have tried to develop a evaluation and planning tools that can be used within schools when working with the 12 competenses in GreenComp. We have also tried to descripe how we have worked with these competenses in our schools. We call that material "My sustainability skills" and you can download the material in swedish or english below. To the right you also find a tutorial but so far it´s only in Swedish. The aim is to present a tool that can be used for planning and assessing teaching and learning for sustainable development. 

The material is developed by teachers, headmasters and researchers within the project. 

Please note that this is a work in progress and that we will continue developing the material continuously.

Min hållbarhetskompetens - Verktyg för planering och utvärdering

Konkretisering av GreenComps kompetenser för ett hållbart tankesätt

My sustainability skills - Tools for planning and evaluation

Concretization of GreenComp's competencies for a sustainable way of thinking