Conference in Gothenburg

The 8th International Storyline Conference was held in Gothenburg and on-line the 26-27 of March 2022.

The theme for the conference was Sustainability and Resilience and was a Multiplier Event within the Erasmus+ project Education for resilience and sustainability. The participants in the conference were experienced teachers and educators from more than 25 countries.

We have tried to make as much dokumentation as possible and it will all be published on this page as soon as we have it ready. You will se headlines for presentations below. If there is no movie above the headline it means that it´s not ready yet. During the conference we also showed three films that we have made during the Erasmus+ project. You can find these films if you go to pedagogical resourses/Storyline films. 

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Key-note 1:

Teachers Role and relational pedagogy: Margaretha Häggström, Senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education at the University of Gothenburg

Key-note 2:

Storyline , Past, Present, Future: Sallie Coverly Harkness, Member of Storyline International Planning Group and of Golden Circle

Key-note 3:

Storyline, Sustainability, Resilience and Hope: Carol Omand, Member of Storyline International Planning Group and of the Golden Circle

Selectable presentations session 1

SECRETS: Connecting Children to Forest Ecology Jan Zuckerman, USA

I learn my rights Papadimitriou Artemis, Mprella Dimitra, MSc, Greece

Climate Justice: Planet Before Profit Yvonne McBlain and Kim McCauley, Skottland

Storyline's magical power in a CLIL classroom - Creating a meaningful environment for early A1-language learning Ilona Leimu, Finland

New sounds in Storyline A critical analysis of Student teachers’ understanding of elements of music in the composition of soundscapes Jon Sverre Thorstensen, Øystein Sverre Warem, Kristine

Høeg Karlsen, Norway

Selectable presentations session 2

Sustainability Superheroes - Creativity, Resilience and Global Citizenship Lea Colner, Sofie Sjögren, Carina Semiao, Sweden

Sustaining Storyline through Perseverance Ginger Koonce, Denice Christiansen, USA

Moving Your Storyline Online in a Pandemic Maggie Byrkit, USA

Aesthetic tools and methods in Storyline. "Tweenies" - afterschool teachers' encounter with young students' identity formation Malena Wallin, Ulla Tanggaard och Rebecka Nordström Graf, Sweden

Selectable presentations session 3

We are all in the same ark Karin Gunnarsson Dinker Helena Pedersen, Sweden

Storied wandering and placeresponsiveness in an ecopedagogical landscape of sustainability and resilience. The case of a kindergarten in Norway Per Ingvar Haukeland, Hanne Lund-Kristensen, Thorbjørn Ottersen, Trine Sørlie, Norway

Social and Emotional Learning Through Storyline Maggie Byrkit, USA

An exploration of the ‘mimetic’ aspects of Storyline used as a crosscurricular and creative approach to teaching and learning in Teacher Education Gitte Cecilie Motzfeldt, Camilla Blikstad Halstvedt, Norway


Key-note 4:

Learning Futures: Keri Facer, Professor of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University


Key-note 5:The power of story: Pella Thiel, Ecologist and activist who works with relational, systemic activism, change processes and leadership for a society in harmony with nature

Panel discussion with the research group from the ERASMUS project

Selectable presentations session 4

Learners’ experiences of agency in Storyline Torbjörn Nyberg, Sweden

The sustainable Marketplace Anders Norén, Anna Johansson, Karin Glänneskog,

Children in our world, Björg Eiríksdóttir, Iceland

Cooperative learning in Teacher Education: A framework for experiencing high-quality group working in Storyline Heidi Remberg Høeg, Kristine Høeg Karlsen and Ellen Høeg Norway

Selectable presentations session 5

The city (for storyline beginners) Jessica Hansson, Sara Carlsson, Sweden

Storyline as sustainable & resilient magic Hanne Lund-Kristensen, Håkon Lund-Kristensen, Norway

Environmental heroes/Miljöhjältarna Lottis Isaksson, Teneriffa, Sweden

Round Table discussion: Professional Development through Storyline? Virginia (Gini) Lockhart-Pedersen, Kristine Høeg Karlsen, Gitte Cecilie Motzfeldt, Camilla Blikstad Halstvedt, Hanne Eik Pilskog, Norway

Selectable presentations session 6

Storyline through envisionments Oliver Jönsson, Sweden

The forest of Centaurs, a Storyline for sustainability Ifigenia Iliopoulou,, Greece The Boy with the Suitcase from the Land of Garbage. Alexandra Tsigkou, Greece


Key-note 6:Courage, Collaboration and Celebration: Jeff Creswell, Storyline Design, USA and Lea Colner, Vittra Rösjötorp, Sweden

Three posters produced at the University of Gothenburg for the conference.

Poster 1.pdf

Poster 2.pdf

Poster 3.pdf

The school management of Backatorpsskolan: Susanne Lundberg, Jenny Ekberg and Eva Marsh

Storyline involves students and can help them feel that school is meaningful, takes their worries seriously and engages them in creative problem solving to help them find solutions.

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Sustainability is about the ecological, social and economic challenges that humankind is facing. By resilience, we mean the ability to cope with crisis and sudden events and the ability to be happy and successful again after something negative has happened. Resilience can be applied on a number of different levels, the child, the school, the town, the municipality, the country and the world. The focus on the child can include health, relations, family, school and the wider community.

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Storyline Sweden, The University of Gothenburg, Backatorpsskolan and partners in Erasmus+ project welcome you to Gothenburg.
Our partners in the Strategic Partnerships for school education are: Østfold University College, Åbo Akademi University, NAV Sweden, Katarinaskolan, The Primary School OS Ob Rinzi, Storyline International