Partner - Katarinaskolan Finland

During this project we will make several films. One film will be made at Katarinaskolan. The films from Norway and Sweden will be shown at the Multiplier event 2022 as a springboard for discussions around competencies students can develop through the Storyline Approach. It is the same with the films from Slovenia and Finland, but they will be shown at the Multiplier event 2023.

Katarinaskolan is located in the municipality of Raseborg in the South of Finland, in a small town called Karjaa. Karjaa is a small historical and nature-friendly town with opportunities for many different hobbies and activities.

Katarinaskolan is a primary school with grades 1-6 and approximately 330 pupils. The school has never taken part in any EU-Projects but the teachers in the school are looking forward to the first time. The school's profiling is positive pedagogy, student participation and ecological sustainability.

The school has a community where all pupils show each other respect through tolerance, courtesy and equality. Bullying and all forms of violence is prohibited. Every pupil should feel safe in the school. Through cooperation in student participation, friendship activities and joint activities the sense of belonging and security is strengthened.

Every single pupil in the school has an iPad of their own, and a significant part of the work is done digitally. In the school the work with multidisciplinary projects and interdisciplinary projects has focused on social and ecological sustainability. Currently, the whole school is working on the theme "From earth to table". The project deals with food production, recycling and circular economy.