Partner - OS Ob Rinzi Slovenia

During this project we will make several films. One film will be made at Primary School OS Ob Rinzi Kocevje. The films from Norway and Sweden will be shown at the Multiplier event 2022 as a springboard for discussions around competencies students can develop through the Storyline Approach. It is the same with the films from Slovenia and Finland, but they will be shown at the Multiplier event 2023.

The Primary School OS Ob Rinzi Kocevje, Slovenia.

Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Kočevje is a small town in the south of Slovenia. We are known for unspoiled nature and woods. We have 3 Primary schools in our municipality and our school is one of them. We have 476 pupils in our organisation and about 55 employees. We have grades from 1st to 9th grade. Children start school at the age of 6 and finish at the age of 15. Our Primary school is divided in one central school and two subsidiary schools. In the central school we have classes from first to ninth grade. There are 5300 square metres of school premises and 8,6 hectares of land around premises. We use that area for sports fields, herb garden, vegetable garden, orchard and corn field. We grow as much food as possible: apples, pears, plums and cherries on 150 fruit trees.

We also have s school gardener. We include pupils in many activities with gardening and taking care of plants. First subsidiary school is 3 km away and there are pupils from first to third grade. Second subsidiary is 15 km away and there are pupils from first to fourth grade. Our school is an active participant in many projects and we always aim to expand teacher’s and children’s knowledge. With all the space area around school we are able to include and develop outdoor education as an educational approach. Many teachers use our outdoor classroom and organize different educational activities

One of our priority goals is to teach pupils to be active participants in all learning stages. Using outdoor classroom is just one of the great possibilities we can provide. Including Storyline in our teaching and learning process is part of our goals. We are
active in Storyline teaching since several years and every year a few new teachers approach this teaching method. We think Storyline is a great method to combine with outdoor educating approach.

We plan to start working on this project with 7 teachers, who will be engaged in different activities.