Partner - Åbo Akademi University Finland

Åbo Akademi University is a Swedish-speaking Finnish university in Turku, Finland. It is the world's only completely Swedish-language university outside Sweden with more than one faculty. It was founded in 1918 and today has four faculties: the Faculty of Humanities, Psychology and Theology, the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics. The university has campuses in Turku and Vaasa.

Åbo Akademi University has around 5700 enrolled students, of which 5000 undergraduate students and 700 postgraduate students, as well as 1100 employees. Approximately 550 masters and 70 doctors graduate annually. Strategic research profiles are minority research, technologies for a sustainable future, solutions for health and the sea.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Åbo Akademi University has always maintained close contact and worked in close co-operation with society at large. CLL is the largest provider of adult education in all of Swedish Finland. CLL works to comprehensively satisfy the need for continuous learning and pave the way for sustainable development in an ever-changing society. Likewise, we work to enhance key multilingual, scientific and digital competences in target groups and develop innovative multimedia learning environments. Education and Continuing Education for Teachers offers a wide range of both shorter and longer continuing education modules for teachers at all school grade levels, even in early childhood education.

Storyline as a teaching approach has been used within teacher education at ÅAU since the 1980s, especially within mother tongue teaching. Within CLL continuing education for teachers we have had courses specific about the Storyline approach and courses where Storyline is used for different purposes, for example within courses for teachers in preschool or primary school about sustainable development.