Event in Halden

This learning, teaching, and training event will take place at Østfold University College in the teacher education department. The event will be three days and will include a combination of lectures and workshops that focus on the important element of the Storyline approach, interdisciplinary teaching and learning. This element of the Storyline approach is not unique to Storyline but having competency in interdisciplinary teaching and learning is vital for using the approach to support the complexity of teaching and learning resilience and agency.

The department of teacher education at Østfold University College has been working interdisciplinarily through the Storyline approach for over five years, and thus provides for a solid venue of experience for interdisciplinary teaching and learning from the perspectives of researchers, teachers, student teachers, and teacher educators.

Researchers and placement teachers at this university will provide the content for the lectures; content that will be both practical and theoretical. The Placement teachers at the university have also been involved in the Storyline approach with student teachers and grade-school students.

The goals for the event in Norway, 2022 are the following:

  • To collaborate and discuss experiences with the element of interdisciplinary work found in the Storyline approach in order to further develop the approach to meet the demands teaching resilience and agency for sustainability.
  • To identify and develop specific knowledge and skills necessary to be competent while working interdisciplinarily, skills that include intercultural communication, empathy, and critical thinking.
  • To identify and reflect on the challenges of interdisciplinary teaching and learning.
  • To create resources for teachers and teacher educators that will enhance the competencies for interdisciplinary teaching and learning.
  • To create resources for teacher to address assessment issues while working interdisciplinarily.
  • To engage the participants in in-depth discussions about the role of the teachers in facilitating learning processes that encourage and empower students to use their capacity of action, to provide them with a sense of agency, and to recognise them as producers of their own knowledge allowing them to participate in democratic processes through interdisciplinary projects.

Tangible outcomes from the Norwegian Event include the following:

  1. development of resources for interdisciplinary work to be published in the resource bank on the project’s website,
  2. a film highlighting the discussion among the participants on the interdisciplinary element found in the Storyline approach and the crucial role interdisciplinary teaching and learning play in helping students become resilient and agents of change,
  3. empirical research material in the form of dialogues, interviews, and surveys,
  4. a plan for future tasks that can document competency development.